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Transformation in Payments is Happening Fast. How Do You React?

There is a perfect storm in the world of Payments: Regulation changes such as PSD2, ISO20022; technology advances through machine learning and AI; and a move to a 24/7 society. These create unique possibilities for banks to take advantage of the fast-paced innovation and opportunities arising in the payments space.

Understand how you should react to all of these changes, and how can best you can take advantage of new trends like the move to platforms. Fill in the form on this page to access the session.
Eckehard Stolz, Managing Director - CTO Payment-Platform-as-a-Service, Accenture
Leo Lipis, CEO, Lipis Advisors
Philip Coleman, Partner at Banking & Securities Consulting Practice, Deloitte
Paul Thomalla, Head of Payments, Finastra
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