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Maintain your bank's competitive advantage in cross-border payments.

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A massive opportunity

The increase in consumer and business spending abroad, coupled with behavioral disruption from COVID-19, present a massive opportunity to financial institutions interested in cross-border payments.

Increase revenue and win back customers

But as new competition enters the market, there's potential for $280B in lost revenue by 2025 for traditional and complacent banks. And banks’ P2P market share is projected by to drop to 50% by 2024.

Add in soaring transaction fees and record-high operational costs, how can you increase revenue while delivering an exceptional customer experience?

Finastra's Payments Connectivity Marketplace

A carefully curated marketplace of payment rails designed to connect banks to payments providers with pre-integrated connectivity via our Fusion Total Messaging solution.

It's your choice

We’ve done the hard work for you, by selecting best-in-class, trusted payment providers. And then we’ve pre-integrated them into our Fusion Total Messaging solution. It’s your choice which providers you wish to use.

No Integration

Our marketplace of payment rails allows you to reach the countries and disburse payments via the endpoints your customers demand. So you can remain focused on your business and not the burden of a heavy technical integration.

Transparent process

Using your current connectivity methods, we deliver payment messages from existing channels in their original formats and transform them to your chosen payment rail. We then return updates to you, providing visibility and transparency throughout the entire payment flow.

Easily connect to our pre-integrated cross-border payments providers.

Our providers

Each of our carefully selected marketplace providers has been recognized as a top 100 cross-border payments company, according to FXC Intelligence.


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