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We have designed Finastra Universe, our global event series, to specifically help our ecosystem address the modern challenges in the world of cutting-edge fintech. The 2020 series was attended by 2000 professionals across the industry, where they came together to gain insights to support their transformation journeys. 

We have taken the best parts of these events and put them together, to give you exclusive on-demand access. 


Explore the thought-provoking presentations and open discussions about the developing future of financial services. Learn how open platforms, cloud adoption and innovation are revolutionizing the banking landscape. 

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The Future of Finance is Open

Discover how we are collaborating to enable innovation through an open platform, putting customer experience at the heart of digital transformation. 

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Platform Reality: Transforming with Agility and Speed

Learn about the power of our platform and how it helped NetGuardians to take their fraud solution to market with agility and speed.

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The Bank of the Future

Revverbank is one of the Neo-Banks revolutionizing the banking landscape. Listen to their CEO to learn more about their cloud banking journey.

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Platformification: Making the Transition to Next Wave Banking

Hear from an expert panel why platformification matters - the opportunities, the challenges and why banks need to act now. 

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Innovate @ Speed - the Next Steps

No company can do it alone! This session investigates how strategic partnerships have become central to competitive success in fast-changing global markets.

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Cash and Liquidity - Mapping the Future
Here, we look at the key trends impacting the future of cash management, including the implication of "real time" on data and insights, as well as, optimising liquidity.

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Changing Trends and Innovation in Treasury and Capital Markets

Discover how developments around growth, efficiency, regulations and LIBOR transition, are affecting financial services.

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Retail Banking – Digital, Analytics, Cloud and an API Rich Platform

A “sky-dive” session to discover the cloud as an optimal route to manage today’s IT complexities and as a path towards business growth.

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Transformation in Payments is Happening Fast. How Do You React?

We have a perfect storm in the world of Payments, it's a window of opportunity for banks to take advantage of the fast-paced innovation.

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Harnessing the Power of

Explore Finastra’s open and collaborative platform and our marketplace for financial solutions that are accelerating innovation.

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The Finastra Promise - Closing Remarks from Simon Paris, CEO of Finastra

Our commitment to protect your investment and support your transformational growth through collaboration and innovation.

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